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Another New Blog

Jcecil3's Progressive Catholic Reflections (you can tell from its very title that it is not everyone's cup of tea) promises to be a literate, articulate voice for viewpoints I don't hold. I would love to read John da Feisole's reflections on some of the things already posted.

Mr. Cecil has identified his blog as a place for progressive Catholics to be at home and his first post clearly identifies places of agreement and disagreement with established Catholic teaching. Reasonable, clear, fair, and agreeable dialogue, even if it will not lead to resolution and agreement puts us all in a better place to pray for brethren we disagree with with greater compassion and integrity than might otherwise be possible.

WARNING!!!!! If you are easily disturbed by disagreements with the Magisterium, if your blood boils at the thought of female altar servers, you would be well-advised to give this site a miss.

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