The Office of Readings Every


The Office of Readings

Every year I note this to myself, but as this is the first year of blogging, I'll note it to all of you as well. Have you noticed in the Office of Readings that through the Octave of Easter we read the magnificent First Letter of Peter and as soon as we enter the second week of Easter we start reading the book of Revelation? And this will continue until the sixth Sunday of Easter at which time we'll be reading the first letter of John. What is the meaning of this cycle of reading. More, what does this positioning of the cycle of reading say about the Church's vision of the book of Revelation?

If more Catholics would do the office of readings, we would have fewer of them speculating along the lines of Left Behind because they would understand the nature and intent of the book. There is deep significance to the fact that the church gives us this book to read during the period of celebration of the resurrection. We need to pay attention.

More on this somewhat later.

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