Some May Wonder about the


Some May Wonder about the Question of Mathematics

It occurs to me that not all may share my deep love and sense of awe in the face of mathematics. I have heard rumor of people, in fact, who don't even care for Math. Although that it simply beyond comprehension to me, I accept it on faith, knowing that even stranger things are known in the real world.

My love of mathematics stems from its perfect unity, its symmetry, its beauty. Mathematics is the most perfect end of argumentation and proof and it is the purest of sciences. Whether a thing "seems" like a circle or not, if it is not the locus of all points equidistant from a given point in the Euclidean plane, it is not a circle. Even if it doesn't look like a circle, if it meets the definition, it is indeed, and it behaves mathematically as a simple closed planar figure.

As some see the face of God clearly in all manner of abstruse, intricate, and infinitely fascinating, if confusing, theological and philosophical arguments, and some see the beauty of God in the beauty of creation, and some see God in His Holy Scriptures (all of which I acknowledge occur to me at times) I never fail to be bowled over by the face, eyes, ears, beauty, and hand of God that so clearly points out of the world of Mathematics and directly into my heart and soul. The Creator who did this, which I can to some degree internalize, did all that I cannot internalize--but if He created this system, it is enough to convince me that this is the One I should love and worship. Such beauty is beyond the hand of Man, it may only be revealed and opened up by people. God alone wrote this and perfected it, and leaves upon every turning of it His imprint. Even without Revelation and Nature, Mathematics alone would prove the existence of God to the heart that yearns for beauty and elegant simplicity. (in the sense of Aquinas). All Mathematics points to God, it's a wonder more mathematicians aren't mystics.

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