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From Minute Particulars

I liked the post the post with the deeply mysterious title, "BLAMBO FORSTINE INBLIMS ABADABA." This may mean more to others than to me. But I did wish to respond to one point:

I can't help but wonder if he's not implying a contradiction between reason and faith or even heart and mind. Regardless, this kind of approach creates cracks in the notion that truth is one, a unity that arises from existence itself, and it's an approach that will eventually contradict itself.

No, what he really is implying is that he speaks in hyperbole and leaps before he looks. My "reasoning" method is intuitive--leaping to a conclusion and then (sometimes) looking for linkages back. That is why it is so nice to have such as John da Fiesole to point out to me the errors of some of those leaps. I must retract the statements in question and say, that I understand the reasoning--but that understanding strands me in the quandary outlined below. So overall, it would be far more comfortable to do as I said I would do, because it allows me some solace, some escape from the tyrrany of conscience that cannot see where my involvement stops.

By the way, Mark, what does the title mean?

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