Becoming Jesus--Some Words from Our


Becoming Jesus--Some Words from Our Sponsor

Well, not really, but Pope St. Leo the Great would be a good patron. From the Office of Readings:

But it is not only the martyrs who share in his passion by their glorious courage: the same is true, by faith, of all who are born again in baptism. That is why we are able to celebrate the Lord's paschal sacrifice with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth. The leaven of our former malice is thrown out, and a new creature is filled and inebriated with the Lord Himself. For the effect of our sharing in the body and blood of Christ is to change us into what we receive. As we have died with Him, and have been buried and raised to life with Him, so we bear Him within us, both in body and in spirit, in everything we do.

Emphasis added. You all know it, but it never hurts to be reminded. Our local pastor made a similar remark, "After taking communion, we become the tabernacle of the Lord." Not as strong, but an important reminder.

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