Ascent of Mount Carmel Study Guide IV


I had not realized that I hadn't posted this last month. Tonight I'm working on Part V. Please use these if you find them worthwhile. Drop me a line to tell me how I might improve them.

Ascent of Mount Carmel IV

Read pages141-147 (chapters 11-12). In these chapters St. John of the Cross continues some of themes touched upon in earlier chapters. In addition, he introduces some new themes. Pay careful attention to Chapter titles and examples from scripture.

Chapter 11
What does John propose to address in this chapter? Why is that significant for the reader?

(1-2) Are all appetites equally damaging to the goal of union with God? If not which appetites are more to be avoided? Why?

(3) Read the second paragraph very carefully. What is John saying here and why is it important? What is the difference between an advertent imperfection and one that is inadvertent?

(4) List some examples of habitual imperfections according to John. Take a few minutes and pray that the Holy Spirit open your eyes and heart to habitual imperfections that assail you. Note these for future reference, prayer, and spiritual direction.

What do the examples of bird and the remora show us?

(5) Note particularly the second paragraph. What are the chief dangers of indulging "one small imperfection?"

(6-8) What does John use the examples from Judges and Joshua to show. How might his understandings help you to take better advantage of the richness of Scriptures?

Chapter 12
(1-3) Can any appetite produce the two sorts of evils we studied last time?

(5) What does John use the passage from Apocalypse to illustrate?

(6) How is this passage an important caution against scruples? To what problems might scruples give rise.

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