All Cry Peace! Peace! and


All Cry Peace! Peace! and There is No Peace!

You're tired of hearing it, but I suppose I am not tired of writing it. I am stunned by how weighed down I am by this conflict. The thought of our "mistakes" of the people who die who need not do so, no matter how careful we are, of the sheer evil of those who rather than truly fighting to preserve their country instead hide behind human shields of women and children, all of these things go into the mix. I suppose there is a dull joy in that God's will must be being done, but my vision of it is so hazy as to defy understanding or statement.

I sorrow. I sorrow for those who must do this. I sorrow for each man and woman of the United States forces that must fight this terrible battle. I sorrow for the oppressed people of Iraq--oppressed by Saddam, killed by their own army, used as shields and ultimately not given the dignity of the human person.

Okay, so perhaps it shouldn't be so public, but as you can see it has pounded me out of my usually convivial garrulousness and into a sorrowful, I hope prayerful, and yet absolute confident assurance in God's merciful will. Lord have mercy.

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