A Very Trying Week I


A Very Trying Week

I think the silence here, relatively speaking, is related both to the endeavors elsewhere (q.v. the first two links on the blog list) and to my inability to accept, assimilate, or deal with news of the world. I cannot see how such a tragic set of events can be regarded as anything other than simply dire necessity, there is no joy in prosecuting this terrible conflict, and yet I do believe that the engagement must continue both for our own good and the good of the world and our children. A policy of appeasement is (sometimes not-so) slow death.

So forgive me if I spend more time in my more recreational blog or the more silent chapel. Perhaps the impulse will return and I will have something worthwhile to say.

I suppose the overall pall cast over blogdom for Lent may also account for this--lack of discussion tends to cause one to think that discussion has no purpose.

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