A Possible Colleague of Mr.


A Possible Colleague of Mr. White?

Mr. Eric Weisstein, Wolfram Research, and the National Science Foundation give us this remarkable Mathematics page. I'm certain you could not imagine my excitement when I opened the link from the On-Line Books page and discovered a lead article that suggested that the Poincaré conjecture had, at last, been proven. Henri Poincaré's conjecture deals with a topic in three dimensional geometry that suggests that certain types of manifolds are always equivalent to an object known as a three-sphere. It appears that a Russian Mathematician by the name of Perelman has proven Thurston's Geometrization Conjecture which is a more inclusive conjecture regarding manifolds and their topological equivalents. Exciting news for those of us interested in the Math World. But more exciting is this wonderful page Mr. Weisstein has given us.

Splendid, beautiful, and incredibly exciting stuff!

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