A Pertinent Passage of St. John of the Cross


May be found at Our Lady of Loretto Carmelite Chapel. (You'll have to scroll down for it). In it, St. John of the Cross traces the way of the discipline of detachment, something even those long in Carmel have great difficulty with. But Evelyn Underhill notes the following points concerning the mystics. "In an experience which often transcended all their powers of expression, they realized God as an abiding Fact, a living Presence and Love; and by this their whole existence was transformed. And this happened to them, not because He loved and attended to them more than He does to us; but because they loved and attended to Him more than we do."

And frankly, I'm tired of my own recalcitrance. It is time and long past that He should have His due from me; time to mortify the flesh and bring it into line with His will; time to become the saint He would have me be; time to realize or perhaps here the word is reify life in God. Otherwise all is wasted and worthless.

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