Universalism and the Suspension of


Universalism and the Suspension of Reason

A discussion about universalism at Disputations has inspired some related thoughts.

I suppose it comes as no surprise that I used to be a heretic, and were I to follow my heart, I probably would be again. Something inside me urges me toward the belief that ALL WILL be saved, including the minions of Hell. Now, this has been roundly denounced by the Church, and I humbly accept her teachings, but it does not stop a kind of longing for it to be true nevertheless. I know it cannot be--but. . . "The heart has its reasons that reason cannot know."

I still hope that all will be saved, but I acknowledge that even that hope involves a certain suspension of reason and experience. I would like to believe that everyone walks into the light--but two points--some people are confoundedly proud, and I do believe that God is a wooer, not a rapist. He will not take anyone against their own will. If they choose not to face Him, that is a choice without recourse--God will not force them. My hope consists in the notion that if at the moment of death they are vouchsafed a glimpse, a moment of His radiant majesty and glorious holiness--no one could turn away. But I know that there are those who in sheer human cussedness would cover themselves with offal and say it smells like roses.

So my universalism requires that I continue to hope and I occasionally must kick my own head out the way. I can't think too long on the matter, because

"From what Iíve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire. . . .

for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice." (Robert Frost, "Fire and Ice")

And so it is with all humans--fire and ice two ways to reject Glory.

Despite reason, or perhaps as Chesterton points out, because of it, I hope nevertheless that all ultimately are saved--but that is not a choice God makes, it is one that He allows.

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