Suggestions for Two New Group


Suggestions for Two New Group Blogs

I would like to suggest two new group blogs and invite either comments here or e-mail responses. The advantages to a group blog are (1) you needn't maintain the entire thing yourself and (2) the is a enormous diversity of personality. The groups I would like to begin have (1) a relatively exclusive membership, and (2) a completely open membership.

The first group I thought might be called "Our Lady of Loretto Carmelite Prayer Chapel." This would be open to those blogging and visiting Carmelites and would consist nearly entirely of Carmelite prayers, excerpts from Carmelite writings, Carmelite reflections on scriptures, and making ourselves (Carmelites) available for the prayer needs of our online community. Membership in this group blog I would ask to be restricted to Carmelites and those undergoing formation in Carmelite communities. It's primary function would be as a chapel for all to come and reflect and share concerns. Ideally we would have at least seven members so that if we chose, we could each take a day to mind the chapel, sweep up, and attend to the prayer requests of the day.

The second blog I'd like to start would be about literature with an emphasis on Catholic Writers. And by literature, I do not mean to confine myself to Catholic Classics or any sort of classics, but it would include all reading, classic, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, etc. with a religious theme or religious elements. (Yes, this could mean talking even about Dune or A Rose for Ecclesiastes. But I'd like to talk about this things from a Catholic perspective and predominantly from a religious/spiritual perspective--elements of the stories that bring us a sense of God, etc. (although this is not a requirement). One of the reasons for such a blog is that there are so many interesting and fascinating works out there, so many people read so many things, and it would be nice to bring them all together in one place so that people can look through recommended works. I would invite any St. Blog's Parishioner to join this group to post reviews and commentary, and perhaps we can even arrange an on-line book group or guided reading of some spiritual classics/fictional classics.

If either or both of these appeal to you, please drop me a line either in the comments or by e-mail. I would run both of these blogs, but I have my hands more or less full with the management of this site and these are both stops I think very important to the fostering of a lively and holy community at St. Blog's.

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