Something a Little Lighter From


Something a Little Lighter

From the magnificent slender volume Haikus for Jews by David M. Bader. I've selected those that would work for Catholics as well.

from Haikus for Jews David M. Bader

Coroner's Report--
"The deceased, wearing no hat,
caught his death of cold."

Quietly murmured
at Saturday services
Yanks 5, Red Sox 3.

After the youngest
recites the Four Questions, the
fifth--when do we eat?

Hidden connection--
starvation in Africa,
food left on my plate.

A lovely nose ring--
excuse me while I put my
head in the oven.

Many of these are VERY Jewish referring to customs, notions, or ideas with which I have only tenuous connections. However, as you can see, these are bound to appeal to parents and people the world over. See if you can get it from the public library--very entertaining.

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