Plans for Lent I have


Plans for Lent

I have read elsewhere of the plans several people have to abandon blogging for Lent. This can be commendable. I see no spiritual advantage to doing so, and therefore shall not do so this year. That is not to say that it may not happen in the future. But many times writing for the blog takes and causes a great deal of thought and prayer that I would otherwise not expend in this fashion. I look upon blogging as an additional outlet for spiritual reflection and refreshment--but then, my blog is somewhat differently oriented than those that I have read suggesting they may have a haitus. I do not dwell on news of the world, and for the the most part have no interest in it on blogs. What I am most fascinated by are the personal "takes" on news of the world--because people are endlessly fascinating, endlessly wonderful, endlessly remarkable.

Later, on further reflection: Perhaps I shall, after all, join them.

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