One of My Heroes Whether


One of My Heroes

Whether we like it or not, the reality is that Maryland rapidly became a failed experiment in religious toleration--a mere ten years after the colony's founding, movements were already afoot to add anti-Catholic laws to the books.

The real foundation of religious freedom was set, completely and solidly in Pennsylvania upon the foundation of Quakerism and William Penn himself. He is, therefore, one of my great heroes. In addition, despite being Protestant, there are some weird similiarities between Catholics and Quakers. I tend to think of Quakers as the predominant mystical sect of Protestantism.

And now, all that mumbo-jumbo out of the way--

from Fruits of Solitude--Personal Cautions William Penn

295. Reflect without Malice but never without Need.   
  296. Despise no Body, nor no Condition; lest it come to be thine own.   
  297. Never Rail nor Taunt. The one is Rude, the other Scornful, and both Evil.   
  298. Be not provoked by Injuries, to commit them.   
  299. Upbraid only Ingratitude.   
  300. Haste makes Work which Caution prevents.   
  301. Tempt no Man; lest thou fall for it.

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