Oh, Those Lenten Regulations Father


Oh, Those Lenten Regulations

Father Jim writes at the end of an excellent piece on Lenten penances,"Remember, too, that Sundays don't count for Lenten penances (Sundays all being little Easters, as it were). So, you can have your sambuca and listen to your CD collection all you want on those days. And don't let any Jansenist tell you otherwise."

I've always known this, but I've never practiced it largely because I am a very unreliable person in practices. It takes at least three weeks of hard practice to make a habit. I know Lent is not about making habits, but if I break the fast every seventh day, then, reasons my unreasonable mind, why not every sixth? every fiftth? every fourth? every other? etc. So due to the frailness of my human condition, I do not take advantage of the "little Easters." They function for me, unfortunately, as little temptations to observe no practice for the season of Lent.

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