Back from Philadelphia And I


Back from Philadelphia

And I must say that it's a good thing to be back before predicted snowshowers.

However, the trip was magnificent. Didn't have time to get to the surrounding countryside but did see a good deal of the city including the Old Wannamakers (Now Lord and Taylor) department store, the Strawbridge and Clothier that W.C. Fields worked at, the magnificent Chinatown gate and much of the historic district including two trips to Indepedence hall.

Ate at the most magnificent Dim Sum place in Chinatown. The person who took us there was Chinese so we got the Chinese tea and menu--quite a treat. Also ate at some place called Avenue B--has to be the best food I've had in ages.

But the highlight as always was the historic district--more on that later. Need to talk about Reading Terminal market and the magnificent Amish/Mennonite pies/cakes/cinnamon rolls/ and cookies that would send you into a cholesterol spin like you wouldn't believe if you lived there.

Oh, and the reason I was there. The convention was good--I saw the finest presentation I've ever seen at one of these on Nanotech, light-emitting diodes, Gallium Aresenide and its solid-solution series, and the X-ray diffraction patters of DNA. Well done, splending research and utterly fascinating glimpse into the future of tech. Hope some of this comes about soon.

But it is good to be back. Much catch-up to do.

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