An Afternoon at SeaWorld We


An Afternoon at SeaWorld

We spent the morning and the early afternoon at Sea World. Temps here hovering in the low to mid eighties, and a nice overcast so that the walking was quite fine. Samuel was the highlight of the tour. At first terrified to go and see the Shark Encounter, we almost couldn't pull him away afterwards--only with the temptation of gigantic horses and other treats did he finally budge. We went and saw the Clydesdales and the Polar Bears and the Beluga Whales. What incredible feats of modern engineering that we can create in Florida an environment habitable by these creatures of the Arctic.

Samuel insisted that he wanted to go on the Kraken, which is a floorless rollercoaster that looks like a great deal of fun. He is, of course, too short for it. However, he was fine for the Atlantic ride which is a combination roller-coaster flume. We both went on it and he shrieked the entire time. He seemed to enjoy it, but insisted that now it was time for the Kraken. When he finally realized he couldn't do the Kraken, he did ask to go on Atlantis again, but as we had sat in the front of the car, we were so waterlogged, that I didn't know we would survive another dousing, so it was homeward to all the various tasks of keeping house--none of which I have done.

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