The Spectre of the Second


The Spectre of the Second Horseman

A recent letter from the Dominican Superior has John at Disputations thinking hard about war. And I know a great many others are as well.

Here's my take. Whether we go to war or not is not my decision. No one is going to ask me, they probably won't even include me in a poll. Thus it is completely out of my hands. I suppose were I moved to do so I could stir up some public opinion and perhaps persuade a senator or a congressman who was already inclined that way to resist the tidal surge. But the fact is, I am not so moved. I can do nothing. . . or can I?

In fact, I can do the most influential, most powerful thing there is to do--I can pray for God's will to be done. I need not worry about the relative justice or injustice of this war. I do not have to heed any number of letters, protesters or provocations. I do not have to figure out whether the war is just or not, because like it or not, if there is one, I am involved. Mind you, I do not criticize those who are thinking and questioning, because that is their role--my role is to encourage everyone to pray, not for what we want, but for God's will to be discerned and done by those who will make the decision. Hard and earnest, heartfelt, and self-sacrificing prayer is my advice to all. Hold your opinions, analyze the information, trust Bush, trust Daschle or whomever, but above all these, trust God first and foremost. If His Will is done, and it will only be so through the constant and complete sacrifice of prayer, then it is right. We believe this, trust this, and act on this. So, for those with a vocation and calling to prayer (this includes everyone) and those with a special charism for prayer, consider making an hour sacrifice of prayer each week, or if you can each day. Let God's will be done on Earth.

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