The Innumerable Advantages of Copyright


The Innumerable Advantages of Copyright in Perpetuity

Yes, I know, but it's my hobby-horse and I've ridden it for a while now.

Then there's the ebook community. Dr. Michael Hart, who as founder of Project Gutenberg was there to protest the '76 extension along with the '96 one, might not be seen to gain much from this ruling, what with his being a staunch advocate of global literacy, education for a healthy democracy and all that stuff. However the man's volunteer organization would have just gotten bogged down and confused at the chance to legally add Harlem Renaissance writers or dumb old Scott Fitzgerald to their oft-mirrored, instantly accesible free book collection.

With the Bono Act upheld, Gutenbergers know that they can only work on materials printed before 1923, keeping things from lapsing into total chaos and sparing Dr. Hart from having to answer a bunch of questions about whether Hemingway's Sun Also Rises could be added this year or next. Sigh of relief I hear, Michael?

OK, you're asking: what's in it for schools? . . .

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