The Church is Still One


The Church is Still One

Have I said that I love project Canterbury? If not, I do. And the following passage from a set of three talks titled "Catholicism and Roman Catholicism" is one of the reasons.

Meanwhile, while we must be true to our distinctive responsibilities in the place where God has put us, we must, by all means, constantly remember that the divisions within the Church, though they are sadly deep, do not go near the root. In the unseen world where Christ is and the blessed dead, and in the Holy Spirit who works in every heart and every sacramental ordinance, the Church is still one. Let us live in the sense of that deep and high unity, subsisting at the heart of our wearisome divisions; and let us ask that the prayers of all the saints, reunited now even though they were separated on earth, may be with us to encourage us to faithfulness; to faithfulness alike in our struggle to become better Christians, in our struggle to reform our own part of the Church on the original Catholic pattern, and in our struggle to knit together again the sadly divided communions of the one Church of Christ.

So too with this translation of Lancelot Andrewes Doctoral Dissertation on Tithes. (Note the link connects to a PDF document--you'll need Adobe reader to look at it.)

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