So What Exactly Is the


So What Exactly Is the Point of that Previous Entry?

Realizing that the purpose could be mistaken, one rushes to make clear intent. I did not intend to present myself as exemplar, but to point out that in our dealings in the world, we have very few opportunities like those afforded by blogging. Think about it--too often we blurt out whatever idiotic words come to the mouth while in conversation--whatever hateful, hurtful, bilious and revolting notions that crop up in our heads often spill out through our mouths. So contrary to many who say that blogdom affords the opportunity for a great many slip-ups, I simply aver that careful consideration before punching the post button can alleviate worlds of problems. That you needn't rush to comment--the post will probably be there a while, think carefully how you might best address whatever ugly phantoms have been forced out of hiding, and then do so, charitably. That's the point of the previous post--we can choose not to say things that simply inflate our own sense of self at the cost of others.

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