Prayers Redux My thanks to


Prayers Redux

My thanks to the many who have offered their prayers for my friends, and I ask once again--today is an important day, for prayers for discernment, for compassion, for love, and for self-sacrifice on the part of these two who are struggling so hard against the forces of the enemy. There is nothing that delights the enemy more than breaking up a family unit--in this he can cause the very foundations of society to erode and the structures built on top of this are so much easier to bring down. If we pray family by family, person by person for those in crisis, we fight the "war in heaven." If you attend Mass today and can afford to linger a bit, please pray for my friends and offer for them the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel--for if there is a battle raging, it rages at the heart of the family and the heart of our society.


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