Pleased but Surprised I was


I was very pleased, but quite surprised at the reception of St. Josemaria Escriva's "Seventeen Evidences." I have added it to my permalinks--although you can always find it again at the "Writings" site in the left hand column. Since I first discovered the list some three or four years ago, I have kept a copy of it tacked up on my cubicle wall right next to the icon-card of St. John of the Cross. Each day I do a little challenge--see if I can lower my number from the day before. What usually ends up happening is not that I lower the number but that I switch the infractions I incur. I know that with time and grace this will change and the Lord will lead me out of myself and into useful service. Until then, the checklist is an assist--a reminder of my imperfections, my arrogance, and my lack of charity. The saints are truly wonderful lights.

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