Peter Singer--Should HE Be Benevolently


Peter Singer--Should HE Be Benevolently Euthanized?

I don't normally deal with subjects of controversy here, but reference to this piece of hideousness arrived in my email box courtesy of the Ratzinger Fan Club. Singer, who supports "euthanizing" the disabled, infanticide, and bestiality, among other equally abhorrent practices, is our "Ethicist Laureate," using as his soapbox a chair at Princeton University.

A caption on one of the photographs reads, "The author doesn't see Singer as a monster, though perhaps she wishes she did." I think of Hannah Arendt's comments regarding Adolf Eichmann at his trial--"The Banality of Evil." I think of C.S. Lewis's name for the instrument of darkness in That Hideous Strength--N.I.C.E. Whether the author sees it or not, Singer is the ethical equivalent of Goebbels, Goering, and other engineers of the final solution, " If people, for whatever reason, do not meet the appropriate standards, they should cease to be an inconvenience to me." To my mind that makes a monster.

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