I'm Back and Have My


I'm Back and Have My First from Fr. Ciszek

Okay, something nice and short to ease me back into the world of blogging.

He Leadeth Me Walter J. Ciszek, S. J., I knew then what I must do. I experienced then what I had heard before from spiritual directors or read in spiritual books but never fully understood: that God's will can be discerned by the fruits of the spirit it brings, that peace of soul and joy of heart are two such signs, provided they follow upon total commitment and openness to God alone and are not founded upon the self's desires. That the validity of a call can be tested--whether it be the call of a vocation or of some new departure within that vocation--by the movements of the soul that accompany it. That the movements of God's grace must always be accepted and understood in virtue of the life of faith, because ultimately the truth of every mysterious action of his grace is discerned in the light of faith rather than by powers of reason or of intellect. (p. 30)

Led to this saintly man by either the blogmaster at De Fidei or Disordered affection, or perhaps both, I'm glad I picked this up.

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