Guilty Pleasures I am inspired


Guilty Pleasures

I am inspired today by Ms. Hall to list five guilty pleasures, having indulged in the top one last night:

(1) Surf Movies and Beach Movies (especially ANYTHING by Bruce Brown)--Last night's festival--Samuel and I watched Endless Summer and then, hey, whuddayaknow--there appears, as if by magic upon the glowing tube fed by the glassine cable Endless Summer II
(2)Truly bad cinema--usually in groups--Billy the Kid v. Dracula (by William "One-Shot"Beaudine, one of the true artistes of bad cinema) Plan Nine from Outer Space, and The Horror at Party Beach. Truly delectable.
(3) Taking mindless internet quizzes.
(4) Eating all the toppings you might find on a turtle sundae with no ice cream (usually on crushed graham crackers).
(5) Olives--kalamata, sicilian, Roma, green, black, Manzanilla, Manzeras, Egyptian--you name 'em, I've never met an olive that wasn't immediately and delectably consumable.

Oh and add to the list
Agatha Christie novels, or any golden age detective fiction
Xanth novels (no, I won't explain for those who do not already know--you'll just have to find out elsewhere--this is too guilty)
My many pairs of baggies and my huarchi (I know I'm not spelling it right) sandals
Pseudo surfing with boy (sense a theme here)
Very small dogs--yorkies, chihuahuas, teacup poodles, maltese--these canines in miniature just wipe me out.
Early Stephen King novels (forget the recent overblown drivel)
H.P. Lovecraft
Varney the Vampire and the entire stock of Late 18th and Early 19th century Gothics, including The Monk
REAL cherry coke--cloyingly sweet

I shall desist--my stock of guilty pleasures is the only remaining evidence that I was once a Baptist. I shouldn't parade it too boldly. (Actually attending a good Baptist sermon/prayer meeting/revival also is a guilty pleasure--the Baptists know how to preach like nobody's business, and they are intent, serious, and driven by the Lord--however, I always feel a little qualm)

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