From St. John of the


From St. John of the Cross

An austere and beautiful reminder.

from The Ascent of Mount Carmel--Book 1, Chapter 4 St. John of the Cross

4. All the being of creation, then, compared with the infinite Being of God, is nothing. And therefore the soul that sets its affection upon the being of creation is likewise nothing in the eyes of God, and less than nothing; for, as we have said, love makes equality and similitude, and even sets the lover below the object of his love. And therefore such a soul will in no wise be able to attain to union with the infinite Being of God; for that which is not can have no communion with that which is.

The Ascent is available online here.

One heart, one mind, one goal--Union with God, and mysteriously that Union is completed only in the salvation of souls. I don't understand it, but I thank God for it.

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