For Those on a Duct


For Those on a Duct Tape Run

Read this first (link from Minute Particulars). Just one note on the article:

Charles Murtaugh's Blog-- Slightly scarier to the casual observer, but probably less dangerous ultimately: the "dirty bomb." All the points above apply, as well as the observation that radiation is much less hazardous than most people think. The real danger here would probably be panic, as people try to flee town -- so maybe hiding in the basement is best, but eventually you'll have to emerge. If you're near the site of release, perhaps you will inhale enough hot particles to be endangered -- but I suspect that this would happen before the authorities had time to alert you to the release. This seems like a good rule of thumb for all bomb-type terror attacks: if you can hear a "bang," you're better off trying to put maximal distance between yourself and the explosion, than to hide in your basement. Basement option: toss-up between counterproductive and useless.

Given what many basements in the peidmont, valley and ridge, and even some placers in the coastal plain are sitting on, I'd say that the Radon is more likely to get you than the dirty bomb. I'd go with supremely counterproductive for the entire east coast and not much use anywhere where you have anything other than sedimentary rock underneath you. And of course, here in Florida, basements are for swimming with the Manatees.

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