Five Favorite Male Saints


Five Favorite Male Saints

Enetation apparently consumed my post Chez Kathy, so for those who were burning with curiousity as to my favorite saints--the list follows:

1. St. John of the Cross (shocker)
2. Blessed Titus Brandsma
3. St. Raphael Kalinowski
4. St. Elijah/St. Samuel
5. St. Albert of Jerusalem

Now, were we to set aside ALL carmelite Saints this would be my list of favorite non-carmelite Saints

1. St. Francis Xavier
2. St. Paul Miki and Companions
3. St. Augustine (although I'm far too much like him to like him)
4. St. Thomas Aquinas/St. Patrick
5. St Cuthbert (for reasons you cannot even begin to imagine)

And sitting in another Category entirely--favorites that are a constant recourse
1. St. Thomas More
2. St. John Fisher
3. St. Edmund Campion
4. St. Robert Southwell
5. St. Isaac Jogues and Companions/ Jesuit Martyrs of North America (St. Jean de Brebeuf)

Is it any wonder that I find little place in my heart for Dylan's favorite, and admittedly very fine translation of the Psalms?

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