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First and Last

This quiz is simple. Identify the work, the author, and whether the line is the first or last of the work in question. No googling for answers, as they can all be readily found. This isn't a quiz to test use of internet, but to test native home-spun recognition.

1. Stately, plump Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead, bearing a bowl of lather on which a mirror and a razor lay crossed.

2. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

3. [This one's a bit tricky]It is a little remarkable, that--though disinclined to talk overmuch of myself and my affairs at the fireside, and to my personal friends--an autobiographical impulse should twice in my life have taken possession of me, in addressing the public.

4. My father's family name being Pirrip, and my Christian name Philip, my infant tongue could make of both names nothing longer or more explicit than Pip.

5. I lingered round them, under that benign sky: watched the moths fluttering among the heath and harebells, listened to the soft wind breathing through the grass, and wondered how any one could ever imagine unquiet slumbers for the sleepers in that quiet earth.

6. It was the devious-cruising Rachel, that in her retracing search after her missing children, only found another orphan.

7.There was no possibility of taking a walk that day.

8.One summer evening in the year 1848, three Cardinals and a missionary Bishop from America were dining together in the gardens of a villa in the Sabine hills, overlooking Rome.

9. In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I've been turning over in my mind ever since.

10.So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

11. Once upon a time and a very good time it was there was a moocow coming down along the road and this moocow that was coming down along the road met a nicens little boy named baby tuckoo.

12. Lily, the caretaker's daughter, was literally run off her feet.

13. It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.

14. For there she was.

Naturally, the last lines are somewhat more difficult that the first. Remember--no googling

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