Feeling Absolutely Wretched Today Well,


Feeling Absolutely Wretched Today

Well, I have no idea why I forced myself to go to work today. I feel dreadful. No dreadful doesn't even begin to hold a candle to how I feel. And yet at the same time, I begin to see this as a gift that the Lord has given me. I wouldn't mind at all if He decided to take it back or perhaps not send the same one again; however, a gift it is.

So, I will offer up this wretched endurance of a day, however it may turn out, for the intentions of all those who have written to me and for one special person in particular.

Given that this is a tranistory and minor discomfort in the scheme of things, it probably isn't the most efficacious offering--but the way I see it, a gift is ours to use as we choose, and if I use this one till the batteries run down, God can effect good works in the lives of others.

Praise the Lord, for He is good, His love endures forever!

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