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Favorite Vegetables

Alicia at Fructis Ventris had a list of favorite and least favorite vegetables. An interesting point of her list is that garbanzo beans are on her list of least favorite vegetables. They are usually on mine as well. But interestingly, properly treated they leap right to the top of the list. For me it isn't the flavor that is the problem, it's the texture. Whirl those things with a little tahini until they are unrecognizable and voila--Tabouleh--one of the favorite things in the whole world. Dry them out and grind them up and they make this fantastic spicy Indian bread.

However, no offense to their fans, there just isn't anything one can do with the lima bean that makes it anything other than utterly disgusting. You can whirl it all day long in a blender. . . on second thought that's also too nauseating for words.

Later Ms. Huntley noted, as I am certain many others did, that I mistakenly wrote "Tabouleh" when I meant hummus. She is correct--hummus it is--kalamata, roasted red pepper, plain--it just doesn't matter. She also makes oblique reference to another favorite babaganoush. From another vegetable I don't particularly care for whole and cooked (Eggplant). Two delicacies from the arguably inedible.

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