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Now, this is not a call for commiserating posts or even for identification or comment, but it is a means of trying to clarify much of my theme for the day.

I was very disappointed in the lack of response the "Spirituality of My Fair Lady" got. Now, from no response one can tell absolutely nothing. Some people may have been profoundly stirred and had no response. Some may have been puzzled. Others may have considered it a flippant knock-off of a moment. There is no data, I cannot even conjecture how it was received. And that, in some sense is fine. My disappointment is not with the audience, but rather with myself.

One of the things I really want to share is the desire to "set all afire" for the Lord. To shake people from their everyday ruts and get them thinking about God and the relationship with God in new ways. To use modern means, metaphors, and ideas to make ancient truths that are just beginning to trickle through my much ossified perceptions available much more readily to everyone. At that, I have failed, momentarily. So I must regroup, pray some more and listen more carefully to what the Holy Spirit is whispering to me. I truly believe that He has gifted me with the charism of exhortation. I define exhortation as a two-fold charism--preaching to the converted, and encouraging those who desire a closer walk but do not yet feel it.

Do not be surprised if there are more and similar posts in the near future. I will be trying to shock everyone out of their complacency and get them really thinking about where they are with God. While there are issues of moment in the world today, there is no issue of moment of greater importance in eternity. "If God be for us, who can stand against?"

So, while I'm disappointed in my inability to strike the right chord, it leads to greater inspiration to keep trying and to keep praying and listening. I can tell you that God is moving powerfully and using the prayers of the faithful to work wonders that we have not yet become aware of. Of this I am convinced--we shall see great wonders from the Lord. Perhaps it is only that each of us who turns our heart to Him will experience these wonders, that I cannot say, but the Lord is a Lord of Wonders and of love, and He has of recent date showered me with great consolations.

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