Chez Dylan, An Interesting Quiz


Chez Dylan, An Interesting Quiz
And being the wretched god-forsaken iconclast I must be:

1. Black or white? Yes--one is meaningless without the other.
2. Plaid or stripes? Paisley--preferably in brilliant psychedelic colors. If not, plaid, in Isle of Skye tartan.
3. Paperback or hardcover books? PDA--electronic formats of all sorts.
4. Color or B&W printer?Actually--PDFs, but if forced--Black and White--color sucks up ink like nobody's business.
5. Golden oldies or the newest tunes? Golden Oldies--real oldies like Vivaldi.
6. Ice cream: in a cone or a dish? In a Baked Alaska, definitely.
7. Bath or shower? Bath, preferably in the huge unenclosed salt-water tub called the ocean. The point is not to get clean, it is to be IN water.
8. Are you outgoing or shy? Believe it or not, extremely, well shy isn't the right word, but unobtrusive, blending with wallpaper and carpet.
9. Answer the phone when it rings, or screen calls? Let it ring--rarely anyone I wish to speak to.
10. VCR or TiVO? DVD, definitely. There's nothing on television I care to see at all anyway. And DVD I can watch Endless Summer endlessly and freeze a perfect crystal clear vision of the waves at Waimea bay.

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