Bonjour Tristesse/ A demain, Tristesse


Wiping a small tear from my eye, I say, "Yesterday, I had the most hits ever in one day at this site. And yet... and yet...most of them were looking for Galileo."

Then a thought occurs. Perhaps one or two of the hundred or so that visited, maybe only one, but perhaps someone saw something in their search that might serve as a proper instrument to bring them to the Lord. Hallelujah and cheers. A demain, Tristesse, open the door to joy!

The Pope has hailed the internet as a great tool of evangelization, which is why it is so critical to make a comfortable, welcoming presence on the web. I hope that in the course of their travels yesterday one or two found such a home and will stop in at more places in St. Blog's. May the Lord use our words to bring Souls to Him.

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