At Disputations--What You Can Do


At Disputations--What You Can Do

As always, marvelous and incisive analysis at Disputations addressing the serious question of what you can do when your Bishop appears to be acting up. (To start with, one should carefully consider what one is thinking if that question even occurs, but assume that there is just blatant injustice and disregard for the spiritual welfare of his diocese). Mr. da Fiesole, very kindly points out that the real redress doesn't have to do with money, but has to do with battle where battle really matters--in the spiritual realm. If the demons deluge the Church, one doesn't fight them by depriving abandoned mothers of help or taking food out of people's mouths by withholding money. One battles them through prayer, fasting, and if anything, greater alms. If your Bishop is beleaguered--perhaps rather than not tithing, one would do well to consider and extra hour or two a week of prayer to assist him in his necessities. I paraphrase, Mr. da Fiesole says it far better and more succinctly, and you can read his indictment of the pseudo-scientism of the atheist/agnostic contingent as well.

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