Ascent of Mount Carmel Study Guide Part III


I have my doubts about the display on this one because of the table, but I think it will mostly make sense.

Anyone who would like a relatively readable copy, please e-mail me and I will send a worddoc.

St. John of the Cross
The Ascent of Mt. Carmel

Read pages 132-141, starting at section 5 of Chapter 6 on page 132. St. John of the Cross is describes how appetites produce certain effects in the soul. ďFor the appetites weary, torment, darken, defile, and weaken it [the soul]. The following passages deals with one or more of these effects. Use the chart to summarize information about the effects, symptoms (if any), how God treats it, and suggestions St. John of the Cross may have.

Effect Symptoms (or Signs)---- Godís Response---- St. Johnís Advice
Weary Ch. 6--5-7
Torment-Ch 7--1-4
Darken(Blind) Ch 8--1-7
Defile Ch 9--1-7
Weaken Ch 10--1-4

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