Answers etc. Many of you


Answers etc.

Many of you were able to get many of these--congrats. Perhaps the next ones should be a trifle more difficult.

(1)When and What is "Bloomsday?" June 16th, the day on which the whole of Ulysses takes place. Each year in Dublin, I'm told there is a Bloomsday tour that allows you to visit all the pubs Leopold Bloom and Stephen Daedalus did.
(2)What is the Literary significance of October 6 [modified note originally incorrectly:10]? Mad Hatter's Day, or Happy UnBirthday, A Lewis Carroll celebration in the U.S. based on the price tag in the Mad Hatters hat (congrats to Ms. vanHuben on this one--only one correct response)
(3)(an easy one) Who were Acton, Currer, and Ellis Bell and what is their claim to fame?(The Bronte Sisters pen-name for poetry)
(4)What is an "Appointment in Samarra?" (A meeting with death.)
(5)How are Shakesperean and Petrarchean sonnets different?(Congrats to Dylan the only one to get this one--there are actually two reasonable answers other than language--Rhyme Scheme--Pet. abba,abba,cde,cde (although the sestet can have only two rimes or the rime order can vary cde,ced; cde, edc, etc.) Shakespeare: abab cdcd efef gg. The other reasonable answer is that most of Petrarchs Sonnets (if we're going back to the progenitors are addressed to Laura, many of Shakespeare's to the "Dark Lady," never given a name or clearly defined.)
(6)What claim to fame had Virginia Woolf's Father? Leslie Stephens--Editor, partial writer, and redactor of the Dictionary of National Biography, a kind of Victorian Era, "Who's Who"
(7)Jonathan Swift's wife was related to what other famous literary figure? "Stella" was related to Robert Herrick.
(8)Author of "Absalom and Achitophel" this poet became catholic late in life. Who was it? John Dryden

Many people knew a great many of these answers, congratulations to all who attempted the quiz. Perhaps something trickier later.

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