Another Interesting Excerpt from


Another Interesting Excerpt from the Writer in Question

On learning from writing how to read:

I wrote this book and learned to read. I had learned a little about writing from [the previous work]--how to approach language, words: not with seriousness so much, as an essayist does, but with a kind of alert respect, as you approach dynamite; even with joy, as you approach women: perhaps with the same secretly unscrupulous intentions. But when I finished [this book] I discovered that there is actually something to which the shabby term Art not only can, but must, be applied. I discovered then that I had gone through all that I had ever read, from Henry James through Henty to newspaper murders, without making any distinction or digesting any of it, as a moth or a goat might. After [this book] and without heeding to open another book and in a series of delayed repercussions like summer thunder, I discovered the Flauberts and Dostoievskys and Conrads whose books I had read ten years ago. With [this book] I learned to read and quit reading, since I have read nothing since.
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