Another from Mr. O'Rama Who


Another from Mr. O'Rama

Who nominates St. Augustine as "Most likely to be a blogger." I find this persuasive, but I've several other nominees, just based on sheer volume and the obvious need to communicate:

(1) St. Alphonsus di Liguori--that man not only could write, he did--reams and reams and reams and reams. I've never much cared for it except in excerpts, but he was out there informing the Catholic World.
(2)St. Francis de Sales--another inveterate writer--again so much you can't hold it on a flock of shelves.
(3)St. Robert Bellarmine--although obviously, he would be running a clog, not a pure blog.

I invite other nominees, either based on the degree of self-revelation, or on sheer volume of prose. This could be most interesting. St. Clare or St. Isidor (I've seen various arguments) will be/is the patron of the Internet. We need a partron for St. Blogs--someone big, someone charismatic, someone with umpf and someone NOT from any of the Major orders so we don't have a tertiary just war here. Let the nominations begin.

By the way, I have two nominees for the post--St. John Chrysostom, and St. Ephrem the Syrian.
[Later: Ms Huntley suggests the glorious G.K. Chesterton, a nominee, despite my own reservations, that I find persuasive.]

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