Addressing Disappointment


Addressing Disappointment
Thanks to everyone for the kind words in my post below about disappointment. But I really wasn't fishing for comments. I was merely reflecting on the fact that the post on the Little Flower (which was kind of a rapid knock-off to encourage those alienated from her to try to find a way to speak with her) had received several comments; whereas this much more elaborate post had received relatively few.

But then, isn't that an indication of where the Holy Spirit is speaking in a person's life? So, my disappointment isn't anyone else's problem, and perhaps it is indicative of the fact that as a new "convert" to the admiration of the Great St. Therese, I should perhaps write more about her.

As I said in the original, I do not criticize, and I do deeply sympathize with those who have some difficulty connecting with her. As some have pointed out, the prose is sometimes an obstacle, her followers can be seriously off-putting, and the aura of "magic" about her can be very disorienting.

Anyway, perhaps I should pay better attention to very obvious signals that are sent from the readership and not worry so much about whatever message I may be trying to get across. Surely these comments are in some sense an indication of where God would have me be. And wasn't that the point of the post over which I was lamenting?

So, someday soon perhaps--more of St. Therese and a lot more of St. John of the Cross (although every post concerning him seems to stun people into aphasia--possibly due to the fact that I complicate him more than explicate. But I'll work on that.)

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