Will I Talk About the


Will I Talk About the Music?

One asks. And the answer--yes. It had slipped my mind in the press of other things--Dylan's definitions and all manner of thinking about beauty, truth, goodness, contemplation, attachment, detachment, you name it. Tomorrow morning or afternoon, I shall talk about the musical choices in somewhat more detail.

For those intrigued already--I will answer the query regarding Bartok. While solidly twentieth century, he uses such a rich tonal pallette, and the music is so suggestive of celestial beauty--both emptiness and a ringing fullness at the same time. There are such subtle shades in the music. Harmonies? Suggestions of non-western tonalities? I don't really know. But I do know that for all the varied sounds and mixtures in the music, it does not ever enter into downright dissonance. Everything seems to work so perfectly together to create something unheard before or since--unique in its utter strangeness and perfection. Now--that's just an opinion, and not a particularly informed one. But compare it to Alban Berg, Anton Webern or later Schoenberg, and you'll understand immediately its appeal.

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