Reflections on Blogging It staggers


Reflections on Blogging

It staggers my imagination that anyone should want to look a second time at anything that I post here. I don't know if anyone does. But if not, that begs a question: if all of this is ephemera, why write? And once again, I'm back to the oldest of old answers, an answer that one who is not so driven cannot even begin to fathom--I cannot NOT write. There is no choice. So even if no one ever gives a single word here a second glance, I am "assured" a momentary first time audience and the writing is seen by more people than see what is present in my notebooks. Whether it does them any good or not is up to them to decide. But for me writing is the critical thing, and like prayer (should be) even when I am not writing, I am writing. It is a twenty-four/seven activity with no pause or reprieve. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now. . . to get my prayer life to function the same way.

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