On the Pursuit of Truth


On the Pursuit of Truth

Marvelous post Chez Kairos this morning , on the pursuit of truth. I was tempted to simply copy the whole thing, but that would not be respectful nor courteous. So please go and read it. I reprint my response to the post here, because I think it makes a nice diptych with the previous post.

Not looking for the Bulverism, I cannot but agree with the essential premise. One must be willing to abandon all for the Truth, because in the end the Truth is All in All. We find many little "truths" but, if they are valid, they will always be signposts for The Way, the Truth, and the Life. The point of any argument or any discussion of integrity, or indeed of any purposeful and meaningful activity on Earth is to find this Truth. Without it, all else is dross, faded finery, and ultimately flames of woe.

Aside: While we're on the subject of Kairos, I hope you are all are praying for Kairos and family as they enter this transitional time. In addition, extra prayers for Mrs. Kairos and Kairos baby are in order. I should post this every day, but my laziness and seive-like memory know no bounds.

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