Lauds and Vespers in Latin


Lauds and Vespers in Latin

Many who are interested may already be aware, but there are perhaps some who are not, that Lauds and Vespers in Latin have been published by Sceptre Publishers (the press that does much of the Opus Dei/Josemaria Escriva publishing). I just found it today and snapped it up. As configured it is only really good for Ordinary Time as all the seasonal antiphons and responses are missing. But for Ordinary Time and for a compact edition, it has much worthwhile.

In addition to the obvious pluses of having Latin and English, it is edited by Fr. Peter Stravinskas, whom I have come to trust on matters liturgical--he seems to be balanced in his opinions and practices (balanced, but leaning very heavily on the side of tradition.) This will likely become the edition I cart to and from work each day and that I take with me on business trips. Another plus is that the English Translation leans heavily on the RSV-CE, which means overall a more euphonious psalter.

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