Happenings About Town Mr. O'Rama


Happenings About Town

Mr. O'Rama demonstrates a far greater capacity for the prose of Mr. MacFarlane than yours truly. (That, by the way, is a compliment, not a slight. Intolerance is not always wrong, but it is most often, even when correctly applied ugly. Tolerance is not necessarily a virtue, but in this case it is)

And Dylan or the artist formerly known as Dylan regales us and challenges us with some sharply worded, carefully considered arguments concerning the death penalty and pacifism. Start at the top and look down through Monday and Sunday.Enjoy!

Oh, and there are some about who are astounded at my quiz and apparent knowledge of art and music. While they have been very complimentary and kind, we all know that the only reason for so profound a knowledge in so impractical a matter is simply lack of a life. And then once you have lack a life long enough, it's just long habit. So while I appreciate the kind words, I am a mere dabbler in all of these things, pretending no greater or more certain knowledge than anyone out there. I just haven't done much of the kind of stuff the rest of you describe, so I lead a vivid life of mind.

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