Fr. Rahner, continued As part


Fr. Rahner, continued

As part of my penance for introducing the topic and for any part I may have had in contributing to continuing misunderstanding of his writing and work, I will track what others have said they would offer. And I start with this post chez Father Jim recording a few remarks of Fr. Rahner on the Eucharist. I was amazed at the unusual clarity and lack of usual apparatus in the writing. (Even if there are no problems with Fr. Rahner as a theologian, his writing is often quite (forgive me Matthias) Germanic in its elaborate construction, and frequently festooned about with the technical language of the theologian, with the ultimate result that reading a single page can often require more effort than an entire chapter of Burton's "Anatomy of Melancholy." (On a huge aside--there is an electronic version of the latter in preparation and when it emerges as an e-file I do plan to regale you with some of its insights). The reflection on the Eucharist is disarmingly direct and powerful. Please go and enjoy. It would seem to me that if this is truly Fr. Rahner's thoughts on the matter, no one could possibly contest his belief in what the substance of the Eucharist is. I see no indication that he regards it merely as a sign or a symbol or anything other than the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord.

Many thanks to Fr. Jim for posting this.

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