Current Reading and a Quotation


Current Reading and a Quotation

A Quotation from Leif Enger's Peace Like a River: "But how do you wake a man knocked cold by love?"

A skin-pricklingly beautiful thought--read the book for the context.

Also playing:
Greg Tobin Conclave because we all know that it takes an irritant to produce a pearl, and I suspect this may end up as irritating as it gets.
Karl Rahner Encounters with Silence with thanks to a blogfriend.
Concepcion Cabrera de Amida Before the Altar
St. John of the Cross Ascent of Mount Carmel
Leonard Doohan The Contemporary Challenge of St. John of the Cross

As well as continued reading of much that was on my last list. Looking forward to:

Orson Scott Card Sarah and Rebekah (Yes, I know, he's Mormon, but these are "common texts" a good place for finding common ground.)
R. Garcia y Robertson Knight Errant (time travel romance)
Michael Curtis Ford The Ten Thousand (A fictionalized account of the march of Xenophon's army after the Peloponnesian War.)
Ha Jin The Crazed
and others too numerous to list. By the time I get to even one of these, the hydra will have sprouted a hundred more heads.

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