Apologies and Retractions Boy did


Apologies and Retractions

Boy did this post inspire some unexpected feedback chez Kairos. Admittedly, it fails in charity in the stereotypical depictions used to typify orders--I should be more aware of these things. And I thank the commenter at Kairos's place for reminding me that words have consequences and weight associated with them. So I reprint my apology to her, just as I amplified my comments to Kairos yesterday. My mea culpa:

I'm afraid I expressed myself poorly and what was said was not intended in any way to be demeaning to Jesuits, Dominicans, Benedictines, or any other of the Holy Orders. Many of these Orders are filled with very holy people who know God deeply and intimately, not just ABOUT God. In the context of my own experience, these Orders would not have been helpful to me because they would have appealed to my desire to know ABOUT and not to know. I'm sorry for the confusion and please accept my apologies if I have in any way offended. It certainly was not my intention and your correction is welcomed. It shows some of the shortcomings of the language in that sometimes you do not precisely express what you have in mind to say.

One must be judicious when trying to express what is in one's head. I failed here, I will fail again. Please do not hesitate to inform me when I do so--it reminds me that even when we are determined to do right, we can go woefully wrong to the detriment and harm of others.

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